John J. Okuley, Ph.D.

John J. Okuley joined MuellerSmith as a clerk in 2001, and became a principal of the firm in 2009. Dr. Okuley’s practice involves both patent application prosecution and portfolio management as well as leading the firm’s litigation practice. With his broad background in academia and industry, Dr. Okuley has counseled clients in the drafting and prosecution of patents covering technologies ranging from biotechnology, cancer treatment, medical devices, electrosurgery, motors, and modular construction components, to machine tools, luggage and sporting goods. A substantial part of Dr. Okuley’s practice involves protecting intellectual property rights in new business methods. He has been instrumental in assisting small and large companies in developing their intellectual property portfolios.

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Gerald L. Smith

Gerald (Jerry) L. Smith, a principal, has been engaged in the practice of patent law since receipt of his law degree from the University of Maryland in 1964.  He holds Bachelor of Engineering and Master of Science degrees from The Ohio State University, having graduated (Tau Beta Pi) from the University in 1957 with both degrees.  While attending law school at the University of Maryland and thereafter he was employed by the Patent Legal Department of the Aerospace Division of Martin-Marietta Corporation. Mr. smith entered private practice for about two years, gaining experience in both civil and criminal trial matters.  He then joined the Polaroid Corporation in Cambridge, Mass., as a Senior Patent Attorney for eight years. The last two years at Polaroid he provided personal representation of the late Dr. E.H. Land, the founder of Polaroid and an internationally recognized inventor. 

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